Dlink 502T ADSL 2
Includes a built-in ADSL2 modem, a firewall, gateway and a DHCP server
Can be connected to your existing network via the 10/100 ethernet port
Provides secure internet access for the entire network
Includes a built-in splitter (a low pass filter) to separate the audio signal from the internet data to enable you to simultaneously use the telephone over the same line
ADSL2 + Router with 1 port ethernet & USB in-built splitter
Router WRt 54 g with Wireless
A wireless cable / DSL gateway. Providing speeds upto 54 mbps using 802.11g wireless standard. Also connects to 802.11b devices upto 11 mbps
A WAN port for connection to the internet via a Cable / DSL modem
4 built-in 10 / 100 autosensing Ethernet LAN ports provide easy connectivity for upto 4 wired devices also. Includes a built-in firewall and a DHCP server
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