Transcend / Kingston
2 gb / 4 gb / 8 gb
Portable and reliable storage, also connects thru the USB port
Carry your data with you always
Pen Drives are more reliable than optical disks which are prone to scratches
Also data can be re-written several times
3.5" and 2.5"
160 gb / 250 gb / 320 gb
If you need portability as well as a high capacity storage this is an ideal device for you
Compact and reliable, it can be carried in your pocket
Does not use external power
Good for use as a handy backup device
Get high speed data transfer (upto 480 mbps) thru the USB 2.0 interface
Seagate Free Agent Series External USB Drives
Capacities : From 160 gb upto 1000 gb
Interface : USB 2.0
High speed Data transfer using the USB 2.0 interface (upto 480 mbps)
Reliable Data storage
Backed by Seagate Warranty
Price  :  Rs. 3,200/- onwards
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